Self-Reported Academic Record (SRAR)

If you're applying to college, you may have stumbled upon something known as a self-reported academic record (SRAR). This document is a comprehensive list of every course you've taken and the respective grades you received. It's an important element of the application process as it enables admissions officers to gauge your academic abilities and potential. It's essential to complete this record accurately to ensure that it serves its purpose in the college application process.

When filling out the SRAR, it's imperative to be accurate. The SRAR is the institution's initial impression of you as an applicant, and any mistakes or discrepancies can raise red flags.

Tips For Completing the SRAR:

*Pay close attention to the codes

*List EVERY class you earned credit for, including extracurricular classes

*List the classes exactly as they appear on your transcript

*Make sure you list the class in the correct semester (Example: If you took Health second semester, make sure you mark it as the second semester)

*Make sure you list the correct credit count:

English 4 (full-year class) is one credit, Government and Economics (1-semester classes) are .5 each

*Use a transcript to enter your coursework

*Have someone proof your SRAR before you submit

By following these tips, you can increase your chances of standing out to admissions officers and securing your spot at the institution of your choice.