Your academic record in high school is documented in a high school transcript. This important document lists all the courses you took during high school when you took them, the grades you received in each class, and other relevant information, such as your standardized test scores and any honors you earned. It will also include any courses you completed before high school that count towards your high school credits. Additionally, transcripts are also used by community colleges and universities to track academic progress and achievements.

Transcripts via Naviance

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If you are applying to colleges using the Common App, please make sure you MATCH your Common App to Naviance.

Common App Transcripts & Naviance

If your school uses Naviance, and you need help linking your Common App to Naviance, please watch this VIDEO!

Transcripts Via Xello

Request a Transcript in Xello

You'll see the applications checklist in the college application tracker. Use this checklist to track the things you need to complete for the application.

From the list, where it says Transcript, click Request to request your high school send your transcript to the school. If you don't see a transcript listed under the requirements, this college may not require it.  You can still make a request by clicking Add Task and selecting Transcript.

Transcript Distribution by District