What’s an Endorsement?

An endorsement is a set of classes that allows a student to dig into an area of interest to them. It’s similar to a college major, allowing the student to learn more about a particular subject area. Endorsements connect to different career paths and are meant to help students get familiar with the sorts of ideas, skills, and abilities related to those careers. Students choose one or more endorsements out of five possibilities. During high school, they’ll complete a certain number of courses to earn credit toward their endorsement. When they graduate, their endorsement(s) will be reflected on their transcript and diploma. 

If you have questions or get stuck while trying to pick an endorsement, try MAPMYGRAD or contact your school counselor!                                                                

  Source: Texas OnCourse

There are 61 programs of study that fall into 16 career clusters 

that make up the 5 endorsements.

Think of a program of study as the job you want to do!

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