Texas Graduation Requirements

Texas has three graduation plans, but the most popular is 

Distinguished Level of Achievement.

22 total credits

26 total credits

26 total credits

New Completion Program

The Texas First Early High School Completion Program is a unique opportunity for students to earn their diploma with a distinguished level of achievement in a shorter time frame than traditional high school programs. This program allows students to accelerate their education and enter the workforce or continue their education faster than their peers.

By completing this program, students demonstrate high academic achievement and dedication to their education. They are also eligible for a 1-2 semester scholarship, which can provide financial assistance for their post-secondary education.

TEA has created the Graduation Toolkit to help students and families better understand the state's graduation requirements!

Graduation_Toolkit_2020 English Website.pdf
Graduation_Toolkit_2020_Spanish Website.pdf

Note: Some school districts have additional graduation requirements that differ from what's in the toolkit. You will be able to find your school district's specifics in their course guide.