You may be asked to provide letters of recommendation as a part of your applications. Letters of recommendation are used by admissions to get a better understanding of you and hear from someone about qualities you possess, gain more insight into who you are as a student, and what you contribute to your school or community. 

Before you ask someone to write a letter of recommendation, ask yourself these questions:

The most common people to ask for a letter of recommendation are teachers, counselors, school administrators, coaches, club advisors, job supervisors, or mentors. 

People are very busy so preparation when asking for letters of recommendation is key! Make sure you follow these tips when asking for a letter: 

Provide a RESUME  to your recommender so that they know other areas of who you are. This will also save them time and help your application look cohesive, which will be appreciated.  Make sure your objective is stated clearly.

Make sure you give plenty of notice. Asking last minute can result in a rushed and less thoughtful letter or your recommender saying no. 

Most recommendations are submitted online through a portal or via email. Let the recommender know how they will receive your official request (Naviance, Common App, etc.) and the instructions on how to submit the completed letter.

Saying thank you is a super important (and often forgotten) step when receiving a letter of recommendation. Be sure to reach out to your recommender to formally thank them for their time and effort.