C S S Profile

***FAFSA/TASFA is now a high school graduation requirement for the state of Texas.

CSS Profile

The CSS Profile application qualifies students for institutional financial aid. Colleges that use the CSS Profile have billions of dollars of their own scholarship money to award, beyond what the federal government can offer.

The CSS Profile does require more information on a family’s finances, but it's more likely to take into consideration factors like local cost of living or money spent on education.

The CSS Profile is not free. Students that qualify for an SAT Fee Waiver are the only ones that can waive their application fee.


Css Application COst:

  • To create an account: $9

  • Additional cost per school: $16

  • For students who received SAT fee waivers: Free up to 8 applications, but be sure to log into College Board from the account you used for SAT registration.