Application Process


Personal Email Address

It’s imperative you use your personal email address on anything that you will need AFTER high school!  Also, make sure you’re using an email that you would be okay sending to someone you respect! Companies consider this when hiring, selecting scholarship recipients, and even determining whether to accept you into their program! 

Good email:             Bad email:

Username & Passwords

Save your login and passwords somewhere secure!  I can’t stress this enough!!!  It’s very frustrating when you get ready to start working but has to spend 10 minutes resetting your password because you didn’t save it!

College Application Process & Timeline

NEW: The FAFSA opens in December for the Class of 2024

Complete FAFSA  or TASFA, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, as soon as possible.  

*The FAFSA is not just for those that qualify for FREE money; It's federal grants, scholarships, work-study, and loans.

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Admissions: Holistic Review

Because of all the craziness that COVID brought, the admissions process has slowly been evolving to a NEW way, and holistic review is one of those:

Holistic review is a selection process that considers the applicants’ experiences, attributes, academics, and the value an applicant would contribute to the school's program. This process allows admissions committees to consider the “whole” applicant rather than focusing on any one factor.   I personally like this process because they take the time to get to know the applicants as people, not just a number. After all, YOU ARE more than a number!