Texas Leadership Scholars Program

Texas Leadership Scholars Program

Opens Mid September

The Texas Leadership Scholars (TLS) program was founded in 2022 by eighteen member institutions as a state-wide, premier leadership program aimed at guiding Texas high school graduates to develop their leadership skills and continue their education at a Texas university.

Cohorts of students will be connected with peer and professional networks and mentors, participate in unique leadership development programs, and receive opportunities for undergraduate research and study abroad options.

Programs Benefits

Scholars will have 100% of their board-designated tuition and fees covered through a combination of federal, state, and institutional aid, in addition to a Room and Board stipend equal to the average cost of Room and Board at the institution you are attending, up to 4 years.

  • Only undergraduate courses are covered, and they must be taken in the fall or spring

  • The total aid amount is capped by need, as determined in FAFSA or TASFA

  • Room and Board stipend is provided and consistent by the institution, regardless if living on or off-campus

This program is limited to 250 students annually.

  • Prairie View A&M

  • Tarleton State University

  • Texas A&M University

  • Texas A&M Commerce

  • Texas A&M Corpus Christi

  • Texas A&M Kingsville

  • Texas A&M San Antonio

  • Texas A&M International

  • Texas Southern University

  • Texas State University

  • Texas Women’s University

  • University of North Texas

  • University of Texas

  • University of Texas Arlington

  • University of Texas El Paso

  • University of Texas Rio Grande valley

  • University of Texas Tyler

  • West Texas A&M

Information found on the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board website.