Texas first diploma

Texas First diploma

We’re excited to introduce the Texas First Diploma, a program to recognize high-achieving students. Eligible students can graduate early with the Distinguished Level of Achievement and receive a scholarship. 

The Texas First Diploma is designed to keep Texas’ best and brightest on a direct track to a postsecondary pathway here in our great state. Texas’ top students can accelerate their path to college and earn up to a year in scholarship dollars to attend select Texas institutions. Participating institutions include: 


Students who graduate early and earn a Texas First Diploma receive a scholarship at participating institutions. 

Students who graduate two or more semesters before their class receive a two-semester scholarship, equivalent to the amount of the TEXAS grant, to a participating university. Students who graduate one semester early receive a one-semester scholarship to a participating university. Students may also be eligible for additional financial aid at most of these institutions. 

The Texas First Diploma does not guarantee automatic admission for students. A student should consult their counselor for guidance on whether the student’s grade point average at graduation qualifies the student for automatic admission under the state’s top 10 percent law.

The scholarship offer will expire at the end of the first academic year following a student’s graduation, so students are encouraged to attend college directly after high school.  The scholarship is not based on financial need but you do have to complete the FAFSA or TASFA

Students eligible must demonstrate the following: