The District shall categorize and weigh eligible courses as Level I, Level II, Level III courses in accordance with provisions of this policy and as designated in appropriate District publications. The District shall assign semester grades earned in eligible courses to grade points in accordance with the following chart and shall calculate a weighted grade point average (GPA): Grade

GPA Calculation

GPA points are assigned for each course at the end of a semester. In order to earn GPA points, a student must be in the class and pass with a minimum grade of 70 to earn GPA points according to the GPA table. Failed courses will be included in GPA calculations with zero GPA points earned.

The following courses shall not be included in the GPA calculation:

  • Local credit courses

  • High school credit courses taken prior to 9th grade

  • Credit by examinations (CBE)

  • Summer school courses (exception summer dual credit courses)

  • Distance learning courses (i.e. correspondence courses; any on-line course)

  • Audited Courses

Concurrent courses taken at a post-secondary education institution will not be used in GPA calculation or listed on the high school transcript. A concurrent course is taken at a post-secondary education institution for college credit only. High school credit will not be awarded.

Class Ranking (Class of 2023-2025)

Students with a final GPA over 4.0 will have Level 1 courses (i.e. 4.0 GPA scale) earned in the fall and spring of their senior year excluded from their GPA if the credits are not required for graduation or to earn an endorsement.

GPA and Class Rank will be calculated for each grade level, transcript updated, and posted in Skyward Portfolio according to the following timeline:

  • Freshman: GPA will be calculated and posted to the transcript at the end of the freshman year. The updated transcript will be available in late June.

  • Sophomore and Junior: GPA and Class Rank will be calculated and the transcript updated two (2) times per year. The updated transcripts will be available in February and in late June.

  • Senior: GPA and Class Rank will be calculated three (3) times per year, two (2) official, and one (1) unofficial for graduation purposes only. The updated transcripts for the official GPA and Class Rank will be available in late January and mid-June.

Pulled from Allen ISD Course Guide

Additional Information: 2022-2023 Academic Planning Guide Class of 2025 and Beyond

2022-2023 Allen ISD High School-Class of 2023-2024 Academic Planning Guide.pdf

You can find the tier information for each course in the "Course Description" section.


English I

Course Code: LA1E1A / LA1E1B

Grade: 9

Credit: 1 (Level I)

English I Advanced (Lowery Freshman Center Only)

Course Code: LA2E1A / LA2E1B

Grade: 9

Credit: 1 (Level II)

English I Advanced GT Phoenix (Lowery Freshman Center Only)

Course Code: LA2G1A / LA2G1B

Grade: 9

Credit: 1 (Level II)