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It's NEVER too soon to get organized and get noticed! Here are a few things I want to suggest you do no matter what grade you're in:

Create a Personal Email Address

You must use your personal email address on anything that you will need AFTER high school!  

Also, make sure you are using an email that you would be okay sending to someone you respect!!! Companies consider this when hiring, selecting scholarship recipients, and even determining whether to accept you into their program! 

Good email: Bad email:

Create an Email Signature

How you end your emails is most likely how people will remember you. So, your sign-off should contain essential elements such as your name, contact information, social media accounts, and company information (if this applies to you).

Reasons to have a professional email signature:

Hub Spot is a great resource that has FREE templates

Keep Your Social Media Clean

Every post, comment, like, and retweet is a reflection of you. You want to represent yourself well! Recruiters, colleges, scholarship presenters, and even future employers look to see what kind of person you are outside of your application.

Save Your Username and Passwords

Save your login and passwords! I can’t stress this enough!!! It’s very frustrating when you get ready to start working but have to spend 10 minutes resetting your password because you didn’t save it somewhere secure!