Texas Workforce commission

Do you know about the Texas Workforce Commission benefits?

The Texas Work Force Commission is MORE than just a place for students with disabilities to learn employability skills and get hands-on training! They CAN also cover college and trade school tuition! If you’re a student with a disability, have the desire for higher education, and are willing to work hard despite your disability, you can very easily get your education paid for!

Is this advertised? Of course not! Did I investigate this? I sure did!

Persistency is key!

Start the process EARLY (August or September of senior year). This will allow time to get the process approved before 1st semester of your program begins.

Advocate for yourseelf. The TWC wants to see that this is something you are truly interested in and will take the program seriously.

Be able to show/tell why you're passionate about the program/degree you're pursuing.

Be persistent.

*FAFSA/TASFA is required BUT since most high school graduates are almost 18, if not 18, the financial part is essentially based on the student!

Want to learn more?

Contact your local Texas Workforce Office and ask to speak to a transition counselor; they'll be able to direct you in the right direction.