Collegiate Recruiting

When it comes to college recruiting, Twitter is the preferred platform for both coaches and student-athletes. Over 95 percent of student-athletes surveyed say they have a Twitter account, and nearly all coaches are actively using the platform to communicate with recruits and promote team content. The platform allows users to boost their online presence and make fast, direct connections. How to use Twitter to get recruited varies based on sport. Twitter is widely used for all sports but is most popular in football, baseball, and men’s and women’s basketball.

High school student-athletes should use social media smartly and strategically to enhance their recruiting profile. Social media can be highly beneficial or disastrously detrimental, depending on how it's used. You are always being watched, so it's crucial to be aware of who you are and how you behave when you think nobody is paying attention.

Establish your identity 

Source: NCSA

Sample Profiles

Do This


Tweet about your achievements and goals

Share highlight videos

Announce offers to gain attention

Send Direct Messages to college coaches on social media