It's important to understand the difference between your composite score and your superscore. Your composite score is the average of four subject scores from one ACT attempt. On the other hand, your superscore is calculated by taking the average of your best scores from each subject across multiple test attempts. The great thing about a superscore is that it can never be lower than your single composite score, so it's always worth striving for! 

Many students worry about what happens if they take the SAT or ACT multiple times and receive a lower score. But don't worry! You might not be stuck with that lower score if you take advantage of the SAT & ACT superscore. Colleges will look at your best scores from each section across all the times you took the test and combine them to create a higher overall score. So don't be afraid to try again and aim for your best scores! 

But what if?

What do you do when you don't know the answer or run out of time?  

Is there a penalty for guessing? 

Is there a method to guessing?

You can find the answer from Princeton Review HERE!

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