Middle SChool Students

Explore.  Get.  Develop.





Middle school students have big decisions to make about their futures, starting in eighth grade when they pick an ENDORSEMENT and their 9th-grade classes! This space-themed game, MIDDLEGALAXY, makes learning about options in high school and beyond easy. 



Read!  And read various texts (journals, newspapers, genres, etc). Increased reading increases your vocabulary and helps with both critical thinking and writing, all of which will improve your essays, SATs, and ACTs for college applications and scholarship opportunities. 



Extracurricular activities require skills you won't necessarily learn in class: teamwork, leadership, and responsibility. Real-world skills contribute to STRONGER CHARACTER and make you more attractive as an applicant.


         Develop           Soft skills

 Develop Time Management & Study Skills

Learn BASIC SKILLS to improve your chance of earning good grades. Also, try these additional resources to help you be better:

Build a  Relationship with your counselor

Counselors can help you enhance your learning process and promote academics, career, and social/emotional development; they can help you achieve your personal best and realize your full potential.