Get Ready for Freshmen Year

Middle School: 8th grade

During your 8th-grade year, counselor(s) will meet with you to discuss high school course options, graduation requirements,  endorsements (Texas residents), and programs of study.  The BEST way to prepare for this meeting is to PREPARE! 

These resources will help you gain insight, inform your decision, and (hopefully) make the process smoother!

The GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS  are outlined for Texas  graduates, which  include three different options:

Foundation Plan, Foundation PLUS One Endorsement, and Distinguished Level of Achievement.

An ENDORSEMENT is a set of classes that allows a student to dig into an area of interest to them. It’s similar to a college major, allowing students to learn more about a subject. Endorsements connect to different career paths and help students get familiar with the ideas, skills, and abilities related to those careers. Students choose one or more endorsements out of five possibilities. They’ll complete several courses during high school to earn credit toward their endorsement. Their endorsement(s) will be reflected on their transcript and diploma when they graduate. 

Learn about your district's GPA policy and what classes impact it.  Some middle school classes count towards the GPA.  

Too many high school students take their ninth and tenth-grade years to get up to speed. That means half of their high school record (and GPA) is not as good as they could be. In competitive college selection, that matters. 

The course guide is an important document for high school students and their families that outlines course requirements, course descriptions,  graduation requirements, and grade point average (GPA)  information. 

Search "course guide" on your school district website for this information.

Review the FRESHMAN GUIDE so you know what's to come and how you can prepare for your next steps.

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